Vince Morgan has been a FMX fan for several years. He lives in St. Johns Arizona, which borders the infamous painted desert. His dream for over the past two years has been to own a ramp. Well, his dream came true in December, 2001. Vince was offered a deal he could not refuse from the owner of because the ramp company needed to debug the assembly guide for one time ramp builders but did not want the expense of the metal to do this. So, an offer was struck. Vince was to provide the metal and do the grunt work while the ramp companies owner read the instructions and in only 16 hours, a ramp was framed up. Vince then took the ramp home where he finished all of the welds and put the skin and expanded metal on top. (Another 20 hours)

When Vince finally got a chance to hit his Christmas present, he was surprised at how good it was. While he always read that ramps were rumored to be fun, he had no idea how fun it could be. Needless to say, Vince has been jumping his ramp as much as possible, as weather allows in windy northern Arizona.

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Last update on December 28, 2002. Check out the new pictures. Vince is really going off!