We get a lot of emails from people all over the world and this Rev.1 owner was very impressed with the performance of his Rev.1 ramp. Here is what Ty Konitz has to say:

"I never took any pictures when it was being built unfortunatly. I had the ramp built by a welder that works for my dads construction buisness. he followed the plans you put on the net and there was no problems. I decided to leave the sheet metal off and only use expanded to make hauling it better due to air flow but that was a bad idea cause the expanded metal is bending and will have to be fixed soon. I don't feel any diference yet though.

I use stock suspension and have had no problems there either...

Before I ever had jumped a ramp I could do double cans, heel clicers, a weak superman, and a candy bar. now with the ramp and a month of practice I can do sidewinders (I have a picture but can't find a negitive to put it on disk), heart attacks, dubble and one handed seat grabs, pendulums and tripple dubble cans, bar hops (but weak yet). I was learning one to two new tricks a night and many I still havn't had a chance to try. all this on a rev 1. I think almost every thing could be pulled on this ramp. I plan on ordering the rev 3 soon and getting healed up. I want to take freestyle as far as I can, I have already gone farter than I ever dreamed.

I'm jumping at 65 feet right now. I ordered the rev 3 plannes so I could be able to jump 80 feet but I crashed for the first time on a ramp july 7th and broke my wrist. I hope to get healed up and get right back at it. I thought for now you guys would like to see how much you have helped me."

We helped him? Ha! Look at these pictures.

This page is will be updated as we get more crazy pics of Ty's ramp and tricks.