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"The IFMA tour and Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross riders worldwide compete only on Rev. 3 designed ramps. The technology of these ramps allows riders to concentrate on tricks rather than how they will negotiate the ramp. With smooth transition and incredible pop, Rev3 ramps give riders consistent launches time and time again. The Rev3 designed ramps used in IFMA competition are hit 40,000 times a year without any change in material strength or stability, they are very well engineered. The rev3 design is by far the best available for jumping ranges of 60-80 feet. The Rev3 design launches riders from 33-38 feet in the air over the distance and allows riders to hit the ramp at slower speeds than other ramps. This is the ramp you want if professional FMX is your game plan."

TD Lovette
Vice President of FMX
IFMA Series

Clear Channel Entertainment

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