Go big but keep it safe

According to the Hessian Aggression riders, Rev.3 is the best ramp they have ever jumped for a 70 to 80 foot gap. They have hit just about every ramp out there so they should know. The reason we have targeted this gap is because distance is not the secret to big, sick tricks. Instead, there is a fine medium between height and distance, and this ramp has found it. We tried several different angles, a degree more here, a degree less there with less than satisfying results. If you go one degree less, you will not be as free to move around on the bike but if you go one degree more, you will start to float from the bike when not attached. We have found the secret with our Rev.3 ramps. Our ramps are so good the

uses our IFMA Spec Ramps ramps exclusively in their competitions.

Pre Built ramps
FMX Ramps can build a Rev.3 ramp for you. These are high quality 100% ramps built specifically for FMX, not freeriding. All tri-fold ramps come as shown above and sell for
We can also build to your special configuration if needed for an additional fee. Call or email us, custom configurations are sometimes the same price as our standard folding ramps.

Don't be fooled by other companies lower prices. Ask if theirs are built out of 100% metal. We built one full sized ramp with a plywood top and learned our lesson. From that day on, we have been 100% metal. Sure, our ramps may cost more than most but if you have done your homework you already know they are worth it. Our IFMA Spec ramp has been used in IFMA competitions since the 2001

competions and there is a reason for it.

If you don't want to build your ramp yourself, we can build it for you. Who better to build a Rev.2, Rev.3 or the IFMA Spec ramp than us? Our fabrication process is very labor intensive. We spend up to 50 hours on each ramp. We could do it in half the time but the owner always states "if it ain't good enough for my kids, it ain't good enough for anyone". FMX Ramps uses only a full layer of sheet metal and covers this with another full layer of heavy duty expanded metal on their new ramps. No wood, NO compromise. Expanded metal requires almost zero maintenance, unlike wood surfaces and the traction is second to none.

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