This ramp is liked by all the local Pro FMX riders and works great at a 55 to 70 foot gap.

Rev.2 came about because of wieght. It took 15 strong men to move our Rev.1 Ramp onto the floor of the MGM Grand for the US Open of Supercross back in 2000. The second night, the owner just stood back and shook his head and decided there MUST be a better way. Surely there is a way to move and set up a ramp in 5 minutes or less; the time allowed for them to set up for live Pay for View on TV. Upon return from Las Vegas, he pulled out his second ramp angle design that he had been working on, based on feedback from riders, and designed a totally new idea not yet seen in the FMX arena's. This ramp folds up and has a folded up footprint of only 49.5" wide and 9' 4" long. It weighs in at about 1/2 the weight of our Rev.1 ramp, has removable wheels and is easily moved with a specially designed hand dolly. {shown above}

Pre Built ramps
FMX Ramps can build a Rev.2 or Rev.3 ramp for you. These are high quality 100% ramps built specifically for FMX, not freeriding. All half fold ramps come as shown above and sell for
We can also build to your special configuration if needed for an additional fee. Call or email us, custom configurations are sometimes the same price as our standard folding ramps.

Don't be fooled by other companies lower prices. Ask if theirs are built out of 100% metal. We built one full sized ramp with a plywood top and learned our lesson. From that day on, we have been 100% metal. Sure, our ramps cost more than most, hell, maybe everyone else's ramps, but if you have done your homework you already know they are worth it. Our Elliptical Radius is the only specs used by the

Competitions and there is a reason for it.

If you don't want to build your ramp yourself, we can build it for you. Who better to build a Rev.2 or Rev.3 ramp than us? With a remote builder in Pensilvania, FMX Ramps East, we can save you a lot of money in shipping. Our fabrication process is very labor intensive. We spend up to 60 hours on each ramp. We could do it in half the time but the owner always states "if it ain't good enough for my kids, it ain't good enough for anyone". FMX Ramps uses only a full layer of sheet metal and covers this with another full layer of heavy duty expanded metal on their new ramps. NO compromise. Expanded metal requires almost zero maintenance, unlike wood surfaces and the traction is second to none. Quite often, there are ramps already built and ready to be picked up or shipped.

Used Ramps For Sale

Check back from time to time. FMX Ramps rents ramps out to several local riders and promotors almost every week of the year. Old ramps get replaced by new ramps quite often so maybe we have a used or slightly damaged but repaired ramp for sale when you are ready to purchase a ramp.

10-01-2002 - Our original Rev.1 ramp is for sale. This ramp belongs to John and Robert Distler and is the original Rev.1 ramp. This is the exact ramp pictured on the Rev.1 page and is the only Rev.1 ramp we built. It has a plywood top (never jump when damp) and removable wheels and a pull dolly for easier movement. While this ramp is too heavy to fold up, it does seperate in two parts for easier moving.The entry piece of plywood should be replaced soon.

Priced to sell at $800.00

11-01-2002 - Our custom Rev.3 ramp designed to fit into an enclosed trailer will be for sale later this month. This ramp has hardly been jumped and will go for only $2,000.00. Exact ramp is pictured below and, like all of our ramps, comes with a pull dolly and a total of 6 wheels and axles. Total height when folded up is around 6 feet tall.

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Email us if interested

Click below to see how easy it is to fold up a special Rev.2 and/or Rev.3 ramp built to fit in an enclosed trailer - 115k

Rev.3 being folded - 115k

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