Q- I drew the Rev.1 measurements out but these seems to be a hump at about the 4' area. Is this susposed to be there?

A- No, this was a design flaw on my one and only Rev.1 ramp. While this ramp works very good, especially for smaller gaps, the hump causes the bikes to have more pop than planned. Stock suspension bikes respond very well to this but bikes with FMX suspension settings tend to jump into the sweet spot. Remove the hump and make the ramp about one foot shorter.

Q- How do I build a Rev.1 ramp with your supplied measurements? This seems impossible as I have burned up 4 sticks of metal and still have nothing done.

A- I suggest that you find an appliance store and pick up a couple refrigerator boxes. Cut these so they lay flat and cut and glue them as needed to be a little bigger than the overall measurements. Then, draw a straight line full length on the bottom and cut this off at this line. {use a piece of 2x metal for this straight line} Then, draw a mark on the very bottom every 12" starting at the tall end. Next, measure straight up and place a mark towards the top of the box to equal the tallest measurement (98"). Repeat this every 12" until every measurement is there. Next, connect all of the marks. Trace over this line with a black magic marker and then cut the box to this measurement. Use this as your "Bible" and keep the final ramp angle to within 1" of your drawing.

Q- I am short on cash and want to use wood instead of sheet metal and expanded metal. Is this OK?

A- Yes, you can use wood if you are using 1/8" thick metal. I don't advise this for the 1/16" Rev.2 and Rev.3 metal ramps as they share support with the full sheet of metal to tie everything in. So, if you are building a Rev.1 ramp, you can use wood but it needs special attention. First, you must run a 15-3/4" piece of sheet metal the full length down the center to help support the plywood. Then, I advise you to use two 1/2" sheets of A-C grade plywood and bolt these in place. Use Outdoor House Primer and add some Sillica to a small quantity of this paint. Then, roll this on and use a paint brush to spread more Sillica if needed. I advise two coats the first time and allow at least several days to dry before using the ramp. Be forewarned: This will become VERY slippery when damp or wet.