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We sell the "Original Ramp Plans"

That is correct, among several other things, we are the first in the world to post free Freestyle Motocross Ramp Measurements and also the first in the world to produce and sell our tried and proven Competition Freestyle Ramp Plans.

These include a full sized cardboard template of our Rev.3 ramp and 60+ page assembly guide. The guide will walk you through the rigorous chore of building a collapsible ramp, just like we build here at FMX Ramps llc. From drilling out the holes for the axle tubes to painting the ramp, it is all there. We not only tell you the radius to have your side rails bent to but also tell you how much you can expect them to "pull" from welding the spars and sheet metal onto them.

There is a picture or drawing showing any critical step in building a ramp and we have checked and edited this guide scores of times to keep it updated with our current and best modifications and also to debug it as necessary based on our customer's feedback. With over 6 years into this guide, you will find it to be very informative and you will learn of things to watch out for that you never even thought you would encounter.

If a blueprint had you to cut a 2" x 2" x.065 piece of metal with a 30 degree angle on one end and a 22 degree angle the opposite way on the other end, would you be able to do duplicate this? Most of our customers can't.

Sure, a fabrication shop can figure this out but how many can afford to have a ramp built at a Fabrication shop? Don't pay your hard earned money for blueprints if you can't read them. Some companies will sell you blueprints for almost as much as my full sized template and Assembly Guide. That is why my full sized template doesn't even mention angles for supports unless they are at 90 degrees. There are some exceptions to this but all you have to do it match it up to your full sized template. Simple as that.

I use the same guide and template that I sell to build my ramps. Wouldn't you love to have one of these in your back yard?

The assembly document presently contains 22 Chapters. We have extracted Chapter 8 as a sample for you to view. You will need Acrobat Reader to view this and it is 117k in size. Chapter 8 shows how to install the full cover of Sheet Metal, before the Expanded Metal. Keep in mind that this is a sample of only 4 pages. There are presently over 60 pages in this document showing something as simple as painting to the hardest part, making the angle.

As you can see, much time has been devoted to this. There has to be as this is the exact guide used by my remote ramp bulders world wide to reproduce FMX Ramps brand ramps.

To order our Rev.3 Full Sized Template and Assembly Guide, complete this .PDF file and mail it to the address on the form or posted below. You must have Acrobat Reader to view this file and it is only 32k in size. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, email me at rampman[ at ] fmxramps.com for a text version of the file.

Cost is $250.00 and I will ship it by US Mail. If you wish to have it shipped by FedEx or UPS, you will pay the full additional shipping costs.

Send Check or Money Order to this address:
960 South 132nd Street
Gilbert, AZ. 85233

Phone: 480-213-6152

You can also use the Pa yPal link below. This is by far the easiest and quickest way to order your Rev.3 Assembly Guide and Full Sized Sketch.

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Don't be fooled or ripped off by some one else trying to sell you what I have offered for free for over two years.
Rev.1 Free Measurements

I just reviewed a set of plans from a competitora that were faxed, YES, FAXED on three pages. Three pages and as we all know, Fax machines' quality is very poor. Much of the small text was not capable of being read. 60.5 and 69.6 inches looks like 80.5 and 80.6 inches. Hey, do many people know how to convert 80.6 inches to a fraction as read on a tape measure? It is very obvious that these measurements were elcetronically created and I would not trust them for accuracy.
Cost was $19.00 and I find the three step plans to be very misleading. According to them, you can build a ramp in three steps. I perform at least 100 steps and spend close to 50 hours on one of my ramps, you can expect to spend the same or more and there are scores of steps to this.

They claimed you could have their full sized ramp built for $500.00. No Way! A full sized FMX Ramp will cost at least $500.00 in materials alone. I spend close to $1,000.00 in materials for my fold up ramps. Cost to hire a professional welder for a one time build would cost between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 for labor - plus materials.

So, best to save you hard earned money and download this if you want some measurements for free: Rev.1 Free Measurements

rampman [at] fmxramps.com

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