Effective April 27th, 2008, the only place to purchase a real McCoy FMX Ramp is from FMX Ramps. No other shop is endorsed for such jobs. If anyone says they build our ramps for us, it is not true.

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IFMA Hot Seat
fmxramps.com's ramps has helped put more IFMA riders on the IFMA Hot Seat than any other ramp company in the world. Maybe we can help you too.

fmxramps.com is, and is determined to remain, the World Leader in shared Freestyle Motocross Ramps technology and design. We were the first to post ramp measurements on the internet back in March of 2000. This was done with the sole intention of helping other riders (and Dad's) build a Freestyle Motocross Ramp and taking the guess work out of it. The owner of FMX Ramps been actively involved in this end of the FMX Sport since.

Rev.1 is our original ramp design and we will share our measurements with you for free as we no longer build this ramp for customers. We are proud to say that this ramp has been duplicated over 100 times all across the world by using our measurements from our web sites. Some of the countries where this Rev.1 ramp has been built is Australia, England, Germany, USA, Canada and Africa. While Fmx Ramps has discontinued this ramp, our customers are still having fun building it themselves.
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Rev.2 has an angle that is very close to our Rev.1 angle, slightly changed based upon our riders input. Rev.2 targets a 65'to 70' gap, is almost 1/2 the weight of Rev.1, and it folds up and has removable wheels for easy transport once unloaded from the transporting trailer or truck. Rev.2 is still in production and we plan on continuing with production for years to come. This ramp is rented out to several Pro FMX riders and local promoters several times per year. Meet some of the Arizona Pro FMX Riders
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Rev.3 is our "BABY". We love this ramp and struggle to keep up with orders for our ramp plans and retail ramp sales. We have targeted a 60 to 85 foot gap for this ramp with the specific intention of working in tight arena type FMX contests. FMX Ramps has designed and/or built every ramp purchased by the IFMA and this is the ramp that led to the IFMA Ramps. You have the option of purchasing your very own Rev.3 ramp from us, or, for the do-it-yourself person, you can purchase the same full sized template of this angle. We will also include an assembly guide to direct you from start to finish in the building of your very own Rev.3 ramp. As with any ramp, the builder will be expected to be an experienced welder / metal fabricator and the guide will reveal several tricks to make this job go easier.
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Minimum Landing Specs