is owned by Rick Distler. Rick operates a business in Tempe Arizona called FMX Ramps llc. Through this business he supplies riders and promoters with high quality FMX ramps for purchase and rentals. His business also supplies full sized drawings and assembly guildes of his Rev.2 and Rev.3 ramps.

Rick is the Father of John and Robert Distler, 2 top level Professional FMX competitors. His sons have traveled the world and have been forced to jump dangerous ramps and land on landings that the ramp owner or promoter thought were good. Rick's goal is to lower the risks for riders by offering an alternative to potential ramp builders "guessing" on a ramp design.

We were lucky as the designer was able to work directly with some of the worlds top engineers in the world to assist in his ramp designs. Not everyone has these resources avialable to them and the owner was able to pull these resources in through contacts in his full time job while working for a leading supplier of integrated automation solutions for the global semiconductor, data storage and flat panel display manufacturing industries.

Rick's intention is to make this technology avialable world wide, thus make the sport of FMX safer for all of the riders, not just his sons. Come to think of it, he may have a more to loose than anyone else, and he surely knows the risks in the sport.

"If I can make the sport a little safer, I have done my job".